Coco & Nutrients Starter Kit


Dear customers: due to COVID-19 and the subsequent supply chain disruptions, all coco coir products are unavailable at this time. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Should you have further questions, please email us.

Combine our Coco starter cubes, grow bags, with the superior base products from Future Harvest. The Coco coir from MilleniumSoils is an ideal growing media that allows us to use only the essential products from Future Harvest; Holland Secret Grow, Bloom, Micro and Calsenium. A complete system from Veg to Flower. Superior growing results, way more flower, in a simple to use economical system

Your essentials for you plant; stater cubes, grow bags and nutrients (no grow pots required).

The kit includes
– 6 Starter Cubes
– 4 Grow Bags (Premium for hand water, Ultima for Coco Hydroponics)
– Holland Secret Future Harvest Grow – 1L
– Holland Secret Future Harvest Bloom – 1L
– Holland Secret Future Harvest Micro – 1L
– Holland Secret Future Harvest Calsenium – 1L

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