Grow Your Own Medicine? Why Not!

At some point in time you decided that you have had enough of struggling with your illness and you thought,“why not, I am not getting the relief I need from  these pharmaceutical drugs”.  So you got over the gut reaction that cannabis is only discussed in hushed whispers, and had that talk with your doc.  You were on your way!, time to grow your own weed.

After dealing with the bureaucracy that is Health Canada (that’s fun!), you found a Licensed Producer. Now you can finally get a secure, safe source of cannabis delivered right to your door.  You have can have what you want, when you want.

But wait, you are tied to one Licensed Producer, you can only order from them, not from any other LP.  So what if you chose poorly, not happy with service, quality or strain availability.  Cannabis isn’t a simple drug, where no name knock offs are the same product.  In cannabis, there is tremendous variability from strain to strain, even differences in the same strain (pheno).  But you cannot try those from the LP’s unless you start the whole process over again.  Ugg, back to Health Canada!

With my experience with LP’s, I found the product frequently lacking in quality, and from time to time the strains you desire are not in stock!  ):  Now what?  Are you going to trust big corporations (some who are owned by the same kind of company that brought you oxycodone) to protect your source of cannabis when the legal market is around the corner?  Are they producing your cannabis or profits?

If you are like me, frustration and a trapped feeling takes over.  For me, at that point it was a no brainer, I was going to grow my own cannabis!

So what benefits to “grow your own cannabis”  bring a medical cannabis patient?

The first thing is you are growing for your needs, not for profit.  That means that every choice from your grow room set up to the strains you select, you are growing for your needs and wants.  Can this make a difference? Yup!  Your decisions on lighting, media, environment can have tremendous difference in the plants you grow.  You are a craft grower, growing what the mass producers can only dream of.

Strain selection for cannabis is both very important and fun.  From other growers you can start to learn what is good to grow for your needs and desires.  This is where you can really make a difference to what you get to grow and enjoy.

I have had a lot of fun growing cannabis and success finding the strains that I really enjoy and work for me.  My medical needs are a few, but generally pain and sleep.  I found some specific stains and phenomes that really work for me, better that anything I have tried from an LP or dispensary.  That is not to say you can’t find excellent products from these sources, because you can.  But now I have the cannabis I want and a source that is always there.  Never out of stock!


For some people though the choice for growing is financial.  The cost of dealing with the Health Canada and Cannabis (hey! they are taxing medical weed, wtf) and the LP’s costs (they need to keep the corporation going), buying cannabis for your medical needs is expensive!

The average ACMPR patient has a 2.5 gram a month license, that is 75 grams a month at an average LP cost of $8 a gram, total monthly costs, $600!  Many people just can’t afford that and patients with issues like PTSD often have prescriptions much larger than that.  How can someone who has PTSD (likely at least underemployed or disabled) afford over $1000/ month?

Well growing your own cannabis can reduce your costs significantly.  I mean way down!

I grow for a little over $3 a gram including my labour.  So that can save you $1000’s of dollars a year.  That is where I was, last harvest was closer to $2.20.

Now that savings doesn’t come with out effort and well a little bit of hassle here and there.  With good knowledge and set up, we can shorten the learning curve and reach success and “smoking joy” quickly, and with fewer complications.

Then there of course is, do you want to grow cannabis?  For those of you that just really like watching all your hard work turn into a beautiful, full of buds – plant, then you will love this.  It really is rewarding when you see what you can do, but then you get to smoke it.  Nothing better than smoking your own high quality bud.  MMMMMM…………

I have found that there is another personality type that likes to grow.  That is the problem solver/technician type.  If you are that type, well you are in luck, there just are a lot of factors you can play with when growing cannabis.

There are all kinds of different media, lights, nutrients, growing methods to learn about.  Just so many factors you can play with, control and research.  Now if you don’t want all that (and lots don’t), we can help you set up with a simple cannabis grow that will just work, time after time.

I believe that the second group has tended to dominate the cannabis grow space and that much of the information is by them or designed for them.  That is not for everyone, we want more of the “joy growers” in this space.

So to grow or not to grow, that is your question?  If you decide it is time, we would love to help and get your started out right.  Get you going in the right direction, so you have time to enjoy the fruits (flowers) of your labour.




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Welcome to Back Room Grow! We are excited to be starting this adventure and so glad you are here!

The passion here at Back Room Grow is to bring you information and products that make growing a rewarding and successful experience. To give you the insights to make the right choices for set up and how to get those big, beautiful and bountiful gardens.

One of our sections is our “The Science Behind” page (coming soon!). This is where some of our feature writers will drill down a little farther into the science of growing Cannabis, what really makes it tick and how we can help turn all that promise into flowers. Maybe a little dry for some but will help take the mystery out of cannabis growing. Give you the real answers for your garden.

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