Grow – BRG System Just the basics

In contrast to our comprehensive grow guide, here we are just going to highlight the Back Room Grow System – dripping nutrients into MillenniumSoils Coco Ultra. Many techniques for hand watering the MillenniumSoils Coco Premium can also be found here.

Please follow the BRG feed chart for optimum results. Ultra and Premium Coco like a PHof between 6.0 – 6.2

Planting in Starter Cube

If you have a drip system set up, you can plant a seed straight into the coco starter cube as the seed will be kept moist. Just place in a appropriate depth (1-1.5cm) and cover loosely with coco coir. In a few days the plant will emerge. Its that easy!

If you don’t have a dripper system here, then just root as you normally would and drop the rooted seed into the starter cube and cover. Water (drip from every 2 hours to hand water once per day) as you normally would.

You can do the same with a cutting as long as your room is over 75% humidity. Take a cutting as you normally would, dip in your favourite rooting hormone and place straight in the expanded starting cube, no cloner required. Make sure your dripper is on and dripping every 2 hours. In 5-7 days roots will be coming out the bottom. Now that is easy and quick! Discard that cloner and never worry about pump failure or clogged misters, just robust clones every time.

For a rooted clone, just take the clone and place in like this (pics) and you are done. This is great if your humidity in your room is a little lower, but try to keep above 55% if possible

Grow Bag Prep

We need to expand the grow bag first. First method is to add water to the bag, fill until a couple of inches from the top. In a couple of hours the bag will have been expanded. Cut holes in the bag with a carpet knife or other like this (pic of knife and cutting holes), 6 holes in total and allow the bag to drain. This is a little messy at this point, so have the bags drain in to something where you can easily discard the water.

The other method is to pre cut the holes and then just sit the bags in a flood or pool of water, the bags will absorb the water and expand. Holes are cut in the same spots as above, but is a little less messy. Either works and after this stage things are just so easy.


Well this is where things get well, a little cool and just really get going. We can keep the plants in the starter cube until they 12-16”, a little smaller or bigger really doesn’t matter.

So here is the cool part. We just take the starter cube and place it on the expanded grow bag. We now are using a dripper system with 2 drippers per bag. Place one dripper in the starter cube and the other in the grow bag. Start dripping every 90-120 minutes.

This method causes the cannabis roots to drive down instead of out. Cannabis really likes this and the root ball expands rapidly. So instead of getting a few day of slow growth after a transplant, we get explosive growth. When you see this it will bring a big, wide smile to your face, it did to mine!

coco coir used for growing cannabis
Photo 1: Expanded coco grow bags in miser up. Photo taken under LED lighting.
coco starter cube with cannabis clones planted
Photo 2: Starter Cube on Grow Bag day 1, drippers like this until day 5 then both in Grow Bag. Photo taken under LED lighting.
cannabis root zone
Photo 3: With a couple of inches of coco removed this is the root zone 7 days after the placing of the Starter Cube on the grow bag.

After 5 days putting stakes in the Grow Bag required a fair bit of force as the Grow Bag was already full of roots! 5 days!

Now just grow. No more transplants! Follow the feed chart designed for BRG system for the easiest, biggest garden you have ever had!


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