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Our latest publications on actionable growth advice for the home grower.


Welcome to Back Room Grow! We are excited to be starting this adventure and so glad you are here!

The passion here at Back Room Grow is to bring you information and products that make growing a rewarding and successful experience. To give you the insights to make the right choices for set up and how to get those big, beautiful and bountiful gardens.

One of our sections is our “The Science Behind” page (coming soon!). This is where some of our feature writers will drill down a little farther into the science of growing Cannabis, what really makes it tick and how we can help turn all that promise into flowers. Maybe a little dry for some but will help take the mystery out of cannabis growing. Give you the real answers for your garden.

Come back here often as our “Back Room Grow Blog” will have more general topics on cannabis and what is going on in the industry. Grow tips and the latest products will be featured here also.

We want to keep this fresh and relevant, so if there is anything you would like discussed, investigated or just want to put out there, drop us a line at info@ We really would love to discuss the issues that are important to you. Help us out, drop us a line.

So here at Back Room Grow we will do everything we can to make this cannabis growing the enjoyable and successful an endeavour for you! Remember;

Grow Simple, Grow Better!

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