The best & simplest growth method used by over 30 of the largest commercial growers, now yours in a convenient, easy to setup package. Plus, free premium support.
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Ease of Use
Simple, low investment growth system guiding you through every step. Support is always just an email away!
High Yield
Just more weed! More cannabis per watt, per sqft, or by nearly any metric. Now that's good!
Impressive Quality
Our grow guide will ensure healthy robust plants that produce ample cannabis. It's kind of magical, actually.
Lower Costs
With our focused nutrient system, higher yield per watt, and fewer things going wrong, your cost per gram are the lowest possible.

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Products and Solutions

Coco Coir

The most forgiving and high performance growing medium for cannabis. Medium of choice by begaineers and LPs alike.

Essential & Addon Nutrients

The essentials are all you need for a simple, successful grow in coco. Or for best result get the all-encompassing suit of nutrients that ensure maximum yield and flower quality.

Starter Kits

The complete, fool-proof equiptment bundle designed specifically for new growers.

Grow Gear

Lights, tents, fans, filters, replacement parts and more!

What People Say About Us

"The coco blacks are very easy to work with, massive root growth with exceptional plant growth."
"The coco is the fastest to grow with, with the least amount of issues out of anything I have tried."

See our free grow guide to simple, effect grow

5 part series documenting exact steps to supercharge your growth.

From setup to harvesting and more.

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